Here are some of my favorite tools, links, books and podcasts to keep you inspired and working creatively

Tools & Inspiration

Freelance work

Freelance life

Online courses

Pricing help

Hansen Art Calculator
The Dark Art of Pricing by Jessice Hische
Ilustra Money – Io Bru

Job Boards


Freelance life + Creativity

Creative Pep Talk by Andy J. Pizza

The Lisa Congdon Sessions by Lisa Congdon

Art Horse by Fiona and Jess
Ilustrando Dudas (Spanish) by Io bru

The Creative Boom Podcast

The Handsome Frank Podcast

Illustration Hour by Julia Dufossé

On Design by Justyna Green




Superhabitos (Spanish)
Onda CEO (Spanish)
Emprendedoras Multipotenciales (Spanish)
Work Party

Good Boss by Coco Studio

Building your brand br Luz Mosley



Business and Creativity

Steal like an Artist

by Austin Kleon
Show your work!

by Austin Kleon

Keep Going

by Austin Kleon

Find your artistic voice

by Lisa Congdon

Thing are what you make of them

by Adam J Kurtz


Business and Creativity

Mind your business

by Ilana Griffo

The Artists’s Way

by Julia Cameron

Big Magic

by Elizabeth Gilbert
Guerilla Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinso

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