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Mentoring for Creatives.

Let’s empower your project using
 creative and innovative tools.



Let's bring your ideas to life!

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Focused on your needs as a creative and entrepreneur. Do you have an idea and need advice on its development? Don't have an idea but wanna make something interesting? Let's work together

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I will provide you with methods and strategies from the world of creativity, Design Thinking, and innovation to help you focus your efforts according to your objectives.

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Let's bring to life that idea that you have pending! Let's generate your next product. Let's drive that transformation you already see on the horizon. Let's unify our forces to bring it to life!

Hi there! I’m Gabriela

I am a specialist in Communicational Design (UBA), Graphic Desginer (UBA) and Superior Technician in Fine Arts (Nueva Escuela) and nowadays, studying Creative Coaching at Laboratorio Gaiki to grow as mentor and facilitator.. I work on my own as Art Director, Illustrator and Graphic Designer giving services all around the world.

In these mentorships I can help you to:

  • Generate new ideas for your project
  • Design a creative strategy for the development of your idea.
  • Train you in habits and routines that will help you focus on your goals.
  • Help you organize your agenda and make a plan
  • Design the identity of your idea/product/service.
  • Build the story of your project
  • Analyze the market and identify opportunities to work remotely as a digital nomad as I do. 

Give your career path a boost!

One-on-one mentoring is an effective way to learn, challenge your limitations and identify new opportunities for action – book your appointment!

Personalized Mentoring
Personalized sessions, which can be recorded for you to review later.

– 60 minutes in length
– You arrange a date/time directly with your mentor
– Virtual, through Google Meet or Zoom
– Oriented to creatives and entrepreneurs who want to boost their ideas and projects.

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