Hi! I'm Gabriela Basin

Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Human Being.

A one-woman creative studio for social impact. Let’s bring empathy, beauty and fun to the world! 

Would you like your brand to look stunning?

With the job done on time, on budget, on great mood. With over ten years of experience, I will help you attract your ideal customers and stand out in a crowded market. Are you ready to get started?




Memorable curated graphics, illustrations and visuals across a wide variety of categories including long-format campaigns, editorial, digital artwork, prints, social media or illustrated branding.


From hand-painted mural to vinil, from small to huge objects, transformating spaces with beautiful and sparkling artworks


From cosmetic packaging to coffee cups, wine bottles, or can illustrations, will enlighten your products, while staying true to your brand.


Open to partner with brands and businesses that would like to sell either existing or new custom artwork on their products from wrapping paper to apparel and beyond.


From just small work to permanent graphic design support, a comprehensive and flexible design service that dives into your brand to connect with your audience and foster future growth.

Portfolio Selection

“Gabi is a great professional, hard-working and committed with a wonderful attitude, full of joy and good vibes. I think the path she takes with her work and personal brand is beautiful, especially because she connects it with her playful child. Her way of doing things is through excellence, and that difference in judgment and good taste is her huge competitive advantage.”

“The artwork of the multi-talented Gabriela is an unmissable joy. Popping off screens, pages and even walls in eye-catching colours, her vibrant and cheerful imagery tackles everything from human rights to climate change and gender equality with her signature flair for style and wit.”

Hola! I'm Gabriela

Hola! My name is Gabriela Basin and I run my studio in one of my favorites cities in the world: Barcelona. I love day dreaming, walking outdoors and having deep conversations. I have ten years of experience under my belt and serve clients in a wide variety of industries every day.

As a very passionate and commited human, I like working on subjects that speak to me, such as gender equality or climate change, hopefully they speak to you too! 

My number one goal is simple – making the creation of your project as beautiful, meaningful and enjoyable as possible.

How will we work?

*The payment system is flexible, we will evaluate it depending on the nature of each project.

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Barcelona, Spain.